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Brand Communication Agency working with a unique approach to serve visionary eager clients

Our strategy is supported by an intense research and studies for no doubt opportunities.

We go beyond services, we build your brand presence in MENA region through: Media planning, Media Buying, Media monitoring, Media orientation, Designs and Production, TV creative and production, Radio creative and production, Digital creative and production, Outdoor designs and production, Events and activations

We use out of the box strategies to launch or develop brands across all mediums of communication, Orchestrating market shares and positioning along the way.

We have a deep knowledge and understanding of our region unique culture and mentality.

We leverage our expertise to provide exceptional service to our clients.

We study the market dynamics and the human behavior, to maximize the client’s return on investments in communications.

We simplify our experience To achieve growth in clients market shares.

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The Team

Mohamed Abd El-Ghaffar

Manager Director

Haitham Abbas

Company CFO

Mona El-Gebaly

Communication Director

Bassel Nour

Media Manager



Our Address

114, 6 Touristic Area,6 October City, Giza Egypt
T: +20237494234F: +20237494235

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